Ever Ending Kicks Annouces U.S. Tour for Early 2013


January- British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, & California with Stephen Steinbrink. On to Arizona

February- Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York

March- New York, Maine, Québec, Vermont, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Idaho

April- Washington

Details soon.

11/15/2012 _________________________________________________________________________________

MOUNT EERIE Fall 2012 Tour Dates

Allyson Foster, Nicholas Wilbur, and Paul Benson of Hungry Cloud Darkening, Ever Ending Kicks are currently performing shows with/as “Mount Eerie”. There are a ton coming up! EEK and HCD are playing some of them.

(click the photo to hear our KEXP session)

09/15/2012 _________________________________________________________________________________


I will no longer be making music as “Motorbikes”.
The name came from a song I wrote while living in Springfield, MO in 2007. This song, a sort of anthem, had been in use ever since. I played and tried to record multiple versions of it, but it didn’t translate. There is one video of me performing it when I first wrote it – it’s gnarly in quality but it captures something I was unable to record for so long.

With Nich Wilbur’s engineering expertise, I recently recorded the song aiming to replicate the video version that I performed originally. It was a success, and it will be coming out as a split 7” – “Motorbikes” (the song) c/w “Hungry Cloud Darkening” by Hungry Cloud Darkening – some time this fall/winter as FF022.

Outside of this song, the word “Motorbikes” doesn’t really have meaning. But more so, I feel I’ve wrapped it up nicely and it’s time to move on. Moving on to moving on.

From now on I will pursue my new music project called “Ever Ending Kicks”.
The idea consists of the following but is not limited to these sentiments:
Tearing through skate shoes as the cost of progressing as a skateboarder.
Being so into something and then not.
Stationary objects you shove off of while making your way through your life.
Stationary objects that let you know you’re moving.
Fashion and function.

Ever Ending = Never Ending.

FIRST RECORD called “NOTION FREE” to see Fall release on LP as FF023.

FIRST PERFORMANCE: Tune in to 90.3 FM KEXP Seattle on Saturday, July 28th, to hear a live radio session. We will be performing versions of songs from NOTION FREE and more.


07/20/2012 _________________________________________________________________________________


The widely appreciated “What the Heck?” Fest in Anacortes, Washington is over, and gone for good. However, there is a new thing going on called “Anacortes Unknown Music Series”, and the first one is happening on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 13th – 15th, 2012. Get your tickets now!


“*” means no Motorbikes / Hungry Cloud Darkening set.

Sun. June 17th- Olympia, Wash.- Northern 414 1/2 Legion Way with Takhoma

Mon. June 18th- Portland, Ore.- “Backdoor Theater at Common Grounds Coffee House”, 4321 SE Hawthorne (alley entrance), DOUBLE DIP! 2 shows!, 7pm & 9pm, with Key Losers, SOLD OUT *

Tues. June 19th- Portland, Ore.- Valentine’s with Key Losers, 9pm, $10 (21+) ADVANCE TICKETS HERE *

Weds. June 20th- Seattle, Wash.- 20/20 Cycle, DOUBLE DIP! 2 shows!, 7pm & 9:30pm

Thurs. June 21st- Vancouver, B.C.- The Rickshaw Theatre, with the Dyeing Merchants

Fri. June 22nd- Nanaimo, B.C.- ask around

Sat. June 23rd- Victoria, B.C.- the Fifty Fifty, 2516 Douglas St. 9pm, $10

Sun. June 24th- Bellingham, Wash.- Make.Shift Art Space, 306 Flora St., 8pm, $5

July 13, 14, 15, 2012- Anacortes, Wash.- Anacortes Unknown Music Series #1

Mega U.S./Can. tour in September – October, same roster as this one.

MOTORBIKES IN-STUDIO AT KEXP IN SEATTLE is on Saturday, July 28th at 8 p.m. Tune in!
The third and newest group of songs by Motorbikes entitled “Notion Free” is expected to see release as 12” LP vinyl record in Fall of 2012. There is a ton of people to thank for making this happen, but that will be done properly in due time. You know who you are.
We’re also working on a Motorbikes / Hungry Cloud Darkening split self-titled 7” which we hope to have done at the same time. Really exciting new recordings!

06/13/2012 _________________________________________________________________________________


(another slight update):

Thursday, May 3rd – Olympia, WA – The Northern (414 1/2 Legion Way) with BABY ISLAND and MEMORY BOYS

Friday, May 4th – Eugene, OR – Wandering Goat Coffee Co.

Saturday, May 5th – Portland, OR – Boom Bap with OLDER WOMEN and SOFT SKILLS

Sunday, May 6th – Chico, CA – The Maltese (bar at 1600 Park Ave.)

Monday, May 7th – Sacramento, CA – TBA

Tuesday, May 8th – Davis, CA – Bike Forth with HEALING POTPOURRI

Wednesday, May 9th – Oakland, CA – TBA

Thursday, May 10th – San Luis Obispo, CA – The Crossroads (1545 Carmel St.)

Friday, May 11th – Los Angeles, CA – TBA

Saturday, May 12th – Long Beach, CA – Micah’s House (2411 4th St.) with MOONPEARL

Sunday, May 13th – TBA

Monday, May 14th – Tucson, AZ – Topaz Tundra with DREAMSICK and SAM CHRISTOPHER

Tuesday, May 15th – Flagstaff, AZ – Cottage House (5 E. Cottage Ave.) with DINERS

Wednesday, May 16th – Phoenix, AZ – Trunk Space with STEPHEN STEINBRINK

Thursday, May 17th – San Diego, CA – The Park Gallery

Friday, May 18th – Irvine, CA – TBA

Saturday, May 19th – Goleta, CA – Biko Garage with DRAGONS

Sunday, May 20th – San Francisco, CA – 5 p.m. vegan BBQ at The Capp House

Monday, May 21st – Arcata, CA – The Bat Cave (1164 11th St.) with LITTLESTILLNOTBIGENOUGH and COMIX TRIP

Tuesday, May 22nd – Corvallis, OR – Interzone Cafe with BRIAN SMITH

Wednesday, May 23rd – Seattle, WA – Funny Button with LAKE

04/15/2012 _________________________________________________________________________________

HUNGRY CLOUD DARKENING show Saturday, March 31st

at the Cairo House
w/ Seven Colors
and Golden Retriever

03/26/2012 _________________________________________________________________________________


(Our friends Luuk Honey and Hannah Stephens)
A collection of original Lithographic prints.

“After months of planning, a lot hard work, sweat, and soar muscles, the end result is a set of prints that represents the summoning of ideas to the surface of reality.
All are welcome to attend.”

Friday, December 9, 2011 – 7:30pm until 11:30pm
@ The New Moon Café – 113 4th Ave. W., Olympia, WA 9850

“Will there be free wine and snacks? Come find out and enjoy the show.”
[No, there will not be any free wine or snacks.]

Also, new material from Motorbikes and HCD!

11/20/2011 _________________________________________________________________________________

Motorbikes + Hungry Cloud Darkening tour dates for September

6th – Long Beach, CA at Micah’s House (2411 4th St.)
7th – Santa Barbara, CA
8th – Santa Cruz, CA
9th – San Francisco, CA 1 p.m. at Art Reach Studios
9th – Berkeley, CA 6:30 p.m. at 1636 1/2 63rd St. with Jaberi & Deutsch and Ed Masuga
10th – Corvallis, OR at Bald Hill Barn with Brian Smith and more
11th – Tacoma, WA at some outdoor location overlooking industrial structures (too be further specified) with Takhoma & Humble Cub
16th – Bellingham, WA at the Luna House with Chestnut Collection and *
18th – Anacortes, WA at The Blau’s (on K and 9th) at 2 p.m. *
19th – Olympia, WA 7 p.m. at Calliope Farm (1335 Overhulse Rd.) with Takhoma, Molly Fisher (“Songs for Moms”) and *
20th – Port Townsend, WA at The Undertown 7 p.m. *
21st – Whidbey Island, WA at South Whidbey Commons with Baby Island and *
22nd – Seattle, WA at The Funny Button (part of Funny Button Fest – starts at 2 p.m.) *
23rd – Vancouver, B.C. at The Mansion (at Adanac and Victoria St.) with Slight Birching, Hong Kong Soaps, and *
24th – Victoria, B.C. at The Ratshack with Seaweedhead and *

27th – Davis, CA at 749 N St. with Goomy
30th – Los Angeles, CA at The Smell with Idiot Glee and Kera & The Lesbians

No venue listed = TBA
With Hungry Cloud Darkening = *
Motorbikes (all shows)

08/31/2011 _________________________________________________________________________________

Hungry Cloud Darkening show this Sunday

At the Unknown
(1202 7th St., upstairs)
with Hive Dwellers
& Mount Eerie

08/26/2011 _________________________________________________________________________________

Upcoming Hungry Cloud Darkening Show

Tuesday, April 26th at the HOOT HOUSE in Bellingham, WA

04/16/2011 _________________________________________________________________________________

Two Upcoming Hungry Cloud Darkening Shows

23rd – Bellingham, WA – at Underground Coffee House w/ Sea Shorts (FREE)
27th – Seattle, WA – at Healthy Times Fun Club w/ iji and James Rabbit

02/18/2011 _________________________________________________________________________________

Motorbikes on "Phoning It In"/ West Coast Tour Dates with Ashley & Eli

Motorbikes debuted 2 new songs last Monday over the phone on our friend Elisa Hough’s experimental radio program/podcast called “Phoning It In”. Listen to the program here.

We’re happy to announce the Motorbikes + Ashley & Eli west coast tour dates! Ashley and Eli (from the band LAKE) will be performing new material as themselves, but will also be 2 thirds of Motorbikes. We are super excited for this combination!

(UPDATED: 2/23)

20th – Seattle, WA – at The Funny Button (4543 8th Ave. NE) with Your Heart Breaks
21st – Olympia, WA – at The Northern w/ Takhoma
22nd – Portland, OR – at Ella Social Club with Memory Boys
23rd – (Southern), OR – TBA
24th – Sacramento, CA – at Boyfriend’s House (1017 V St.) w/ Pregnant
25th – Davis, CA – at The Attendance Office (1315 L St.) w/ MLE
26th – Santa Barbara, CA – at Pink Mailbox w/ Bleeding Blood and M.O.M.S.
27th – no show
28th – Irvine, CA – at UCI w/ Summer Twins and World History
1st – Oakland, CA – at The Nick House w/ Half-handed Cloud
2nd – Eureka, CA – at The Lil’ Red Lion (bar)
3rd – Portland, OR – at The WOODS w/ Key Losers and Davis Hooker


02/11/2011 _________________________________________________________________________________

"Dark Cloud At Water" CD by Hungry Cloud Darkening (FF020CD)

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

CD version of “Dark Cloud At Water”. Comes in salmon, off white or green hand sewn slip. You may specify if you wish.

$9.00 shipping included


"Dark Cloud At Water" LP by Hungry Cloud Darkening (FF020)

13 songs recorded during the winter of 2010-2011.
Record includes: screen printed sleeve, letter pressed slip, a piece of marbled vinyl, and a digital copy of the album. Colors of clouds may vary (salmon, blue, gray, lavender, some gradient).

Old Thoughts Die
Moments Inside Cloud
No Feeling
Talk About Nothing Pt. 2
Darker Feelings Pt. 3

What Is A Worry?
Warble Hop
Boulder Says
Darker Feelings Pt. 2
Our Fog
Hungry Cloud Darkening

$19.00 shipping included


"Traits" cassingle by Motorbikes (FF018)

The song “Traits” from “How To Execute?” with an exclusive sister song. A sense of self-conclusion over guitars that sound like vibraphones. Comes with origin/explanation pamphlet and letter-pressed download link to mp3s and digital poster.

Side A – “Traits”
Side B – “Things To Come”

$6.00 shipping included


"How To Execute?" by Motorbikes (FF017)

15 pop songs and themes recorded between Jan. and Aug. of 2010, expressing the joy of writing songs. The album aims for motivation, but then hits it via reconciliation. During the year leading up to it’s release, much planning went into the song compositions and dynamics. However, once recording began, most of these ideas fell to the side or were lost completely to ideas that happened on the spot.
“It was confusing and depressing to watch the ideas fade in translation, but I was paying attention to the wrong part of the deal; something cool was happening. What makes the album what it is happened during execution despite my planning, and the grand idea for the sonic aesthetic was overridden by the album title and lyrical content of the songs.”

1. Late Bloomer
2. Capallero
3. Tough Call Theme
4. How To Execute?
5. Good Basket
6. We Understand You Think It’s Bad
7. Things To Come Theme 1
8. That Stream
9. H.T.E. Pt. 2
10. Things To Come Theme 2
11. Realitee (Ft. Karl Blau)
12. Feeling Good
13. Traits
14. Pop Convictions
15. Ever Ending Kicks

$16.00 shipping included


"Glow Falls": Mixtape by Nicholas Wilbur and Allyson Foster (FF015)

Seven songs recorded at Fontee Fount in early 2010.

Side A – 1. Our Fog
2. Nearest
3. Talk About Nothing

Side B –
4. Tribute To Sebadoh
5. No Feeling
6. What Is A Worry?
7. Aware

$8.00 Shipping Included


"Consequences Blooming" by PAB (FF014)

“Single-track loop renderings: the momentum of ideas, the humility of learning. Recorded 5/4/10”
Strategic real-time construction of vocal and bass guitar thump loops. Aurally emotional music. Dynamic jams on a theme, capturing the jubilant origin of ideas and the awkwardness of unintended delivery. Tapping the source and shooting it off like fireworks.

1. HIGH! – 7:52
2. IN BLOOM – 13:16
3. EMBARASSED – 8:20
4. (ALWAYS BLOOMING) – 19:50

$12.00 shipping included