(another slight update):

Thursday, May 3rd – Olympia, WA – The Northern (414 1/2 Legion Way) with BABY ISLAND and MEMORY BOYS

Friday, May 4th – Eugene, OR – Wandering Goat Coffee Co.

Saturday, May 5th – Portland, OR – Boom Bap with OLDER WOMEN and SOFT SKILLS

Sunday, May 6th – Chico, CA – The Maltese (bar at 1600 Park Ave.)

Monday, May 7th – Sacramento, CA – TBA

Tuesday, May 8th – Davis, CA – Bike Forth with HEALING POTPOURRI

Wednesday, May 9th – Oakland, CA – TBA

Thursday, May 10th – San Luis Obispo, CA – The Crossroads (1545 Carmel St.)

Friday, May 11th – Los Angeles, CA – TBA

Saturday, May 12th – Long Beach, CA – Micah’s House (2411 4th St.) with MOONPEARL

Sunday, May 13th – TBA

Monday, May 14th – Tucson, AZ – Topaz Tundra with DREAMSICK and SAM CHRISTOPHER

Tuesday, May 15th – Flagstaff, AZ – Cottage House (5 E. Cottage Ave.) with DINERS

Wednesday, May 16th – Phoenix, AZ – Trunk Space with STEPHEN STEINBRINK

Thursday, May 17th – San Diego, CA – The Park Gallery

Friday, May 18th – Irvine, CA – TBA

Saturday, May 19th – Goleta, CA – Biko Garage with DRAGONS

Sunday, May 20th – San Francisco, CA – 5 p.m. vegan BBQ at The Capp House

Monday, May 21st – Arcata, CA – The Bat Cave (1164 11th St.) with LITTLESTILLNOTBIGENOUGH and COMIX TRIP

Tuesday, May 22nd – Corvallis, OR – Interzone Cafe with BRIAN SMITH

Wednesday, May 23rd – Seattle, WA – Funny Button with LAKE

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