Motorbikes + Hungry Cloud Darkening tour dates for September

6th – Long Beach, CA at Micah’s House (2411 4th St.)
7th – Santa Barbara, CA
8th – Santa Cruz, CA
9th – San Francisco, CA 1 p.m. at Art Reach Studios
9th – Berkeley, CA 6:30 p.m. at 1636 1/2 63rd St. with Jaberi & Deutsch and Ed Masuga
10th – Corvallis, OR at Bald Hill Barn with Brian Smith and more
11th – Tacoma, WA at some outdoor location overlooking industrial structures (too be further specified) with Takhoma & Humble Cub
16th – Bellingham, WA at the Luna House with Chestnut Collection and *
18th – Anacortes, WA at The Blau’s (on K and 9th) at 2 p.m. *
19th – Olympia, WA 7 p.m. at Calliope Farm (1335 Overhulse Rd.) with Takhoma, Molly Fisher (“Songs for Moms”) and *
20th – Port Townsend, WA at The Undertown 7 p.m. *
21st – Whidbey Island, WA at South Whidbey Commons with Baby Island and *
22nd – Seattle, WA at The Funny Button (part of Funny Button Fest – starts at 2 p.m.) *
23rd – Vancouver, B.C. at The Mansion (at Adanac and Victoria St.) with Slight Birching, Hong Kong Soaps, and *
24th – Victoria, B.C. at The Ratshack with Seaweedhead and *

27th – Davis, CA at 749 N St. with Goomy
30th – Los Angeles, CA at The Smell with Idiot Glee and Kera & The Lesbians

No venue listed = TBA
With Hungry Cloud Darkening = *
Motorbikes (all shows)

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